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The Best Spots to Install GPS Trackers On Different Vehicles

Nowadays, GPS tracking devices are commonly used for many purposes such as auto-theft security, drivers management, parental control or to track high-risk drivers such as newly licensed teenagers or senior citizens. Those GPS tracking devices have grown so powerful and so affordable.

There are several spots to install the tracking device on your vehicle but leaving a GPS exposed to the elements and other outside variables can lead to potential problems. So, people conceal the GPS trackers and make them also convenient to connect the power source and that make worry-free about battery life. Here are some of the spots possible to install GPS trackers on different vehicles.

On Cars

  1. The Front Bumper

The front bumper is a less-than-ideal location for a hidden GPS tracking device because it often houses a great deal of wiring for things like your car’s lighting system and other sensors. Unfortunately, this area tends to be complicated and you probably can’t check for a GPS tracking device yourself and need some equipment even if you have skills.

  1. Your Wheel Wells

This is another one of those locations for a hidden GPS tracking device but not much popular for a variety of different reasons. Furthermore, this area is located on the outside of your car and there’s a lot that could go wrong such as the device itself could easily become damaged or lost.

  1. Your Rear Bumper

This is a very similar situation to your front bumper and also not the best place to install a hidden GPS tracking due to a lot of important wires including cables for back camera.


On Trucks and Cars

  1. Your Dashboard

It’s actually the perfect location for such a hidden device because it’s already filled with so many different wires and components that it can be hard to keep track of it all, and people rarely take a closer look at this part of their car in the first place.

  1. Your Glove Compartment

Glove compartment is one of the most common places that a GPS tracker can be installed on your car. That device can be concealed easily without noticing.

  1. Under the covers

Additionally, GPS tracking device can be hidden under your car’s carpets underneath a seat, beneath the floor mats, under and in between your seats, and in the pouch behind a seat, or inside the center console.

  1. Undercarriage

Undercarriage and areas of your car’s frame are the most common exterior spot. But remember device in this kind of area probably won’t be able to transmit data as it is covered by thick metals and difficult to send and receive computer signals.

On Motorcycles

  1. Metallic cases of the wind shield

All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case.

  1. Other areas of the motorcycle

You can also install inside the headlight, around the speedometer, taillight covers, plastic components and under the back seat.


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